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More than 5 billion human beings own a mobile phone. Mobile transactions are estimated to reach 10 billion in 2012 and to grow by nearly 40 percent every year for the next five years.

Portlogic's growing suite of enterprise mobile phone software solutions allows industries such as banking, customer relationship management, ticketing, and marketing, the ability to easily and efficiently manage transactions and information.

m2Workflow A mobile field tool that combines smartphone technology and cloud CRM technology.
m2Ticket manages the sale and deliver of
tickets through mobile phones, benefits both
businesses and consumers. more
m2Market Advertising Solutions manages the
delivery of mobile advertising content. Designed
to advertisers and ad agencies. more
Portlogic Systems Inc.a United States publically listed company.
Symbol: PGSY
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Industry Statistics
Company News
09/21/15 Portlogic Corporate Update
11/13/13 Portlogic Offers Mobile CRM Solutions
09/16/13 Portlogic Announces FAMILIES Website
09/04/13 Portlogic Reports Record Year-End Revenues and Financial Results
01/11/13 Portlogic Opens UK Office
12/14/12 Portlogic Systems Announces VOIP
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