Payment & Collection Kiosk
Payment Kiosk is a targeted kiosk solution for any company which provides payment services (such as prepaid top-up, bill payment services and etc.) to a variety of customers through different channels.

Kiosk iNNOVA's payment kiosk terminal allows you to provide bill payment services to your customers enabling them to use banknotes, credit/debit cards or coins. For cash transactions, the kiosk supports bank notes and coins, validates them and any excess amount is returned back by either using coin or banknote dispenser.

The bill payment kiosk is designed with built-in security, flexibility and serviceability to meet your current and future business needs. We provide a fullest turnkey solution which covers all the hardware and software needs. Strong relationships with third-payers enable us to provide the required payment processing and banking and cash management services.

Recycling Unit
Ki Payment Kiosk's cash-recycling device for note acceptance and payout in one single unit. This modular unit allows four different type of notes to be stored for recycling. In the market for note payout Ki Payment Kiosk offers a unique advantage. With the loader feature up to 300 notes can be stored for recycling, thus avoiding note starvation, a major potential shortcoming in this market. The total number of notes that can be recycled is 460 with a cashbox that can hold up to 600 notes.

Software capabilities
* Clear indication from coin hoppers when supply is low
* Remote monitoring management software
* Clear notification of system status, on board or remote
* Comprehensive management reporting systems
* Transactional history
* Next day availability of payment files
Benefits to biller and collector companies
* Reduces repudiation issues & costly errors
* Offering online banking and other services
* Reduces teller lines and labor costs
* Decreases reconciliation costs
* Lower cost per transaction than manned transactions
* Marketing Edge
* Effectively serve the typically underserved un-banked market
* Multi-lingual and multi currency options empower
* Empower retail operations
* Create opportunities to enhance ARPU
* Security features such as security cam, trigger mats and proximity sensors

Benefits to customers
* Self-service cash payment to customers without bank accounts
* 7/24 convenience
* Reduce in-store queues and improves customer service
* Cash acceptance
* Less expensive than money orders
* User friendly touch screen interface
* Up to the minute current information
* Acceptance partial payment
* Real time posting
* Multiple language and multiple currency capable
Standard Models                click image to view details
INF 130 IND 210 IND 220 KYB 220 KYB 210 OUT 110 DBL 210 CSH 210 APL 210 MONOLITH

Custom Design Approach

The goal of the custom design approach is to create a kiosk system that is unique to its owner. We have developed our own custom design methodology to assure project success. This methodology consists of 3 main phases;

Need Analysis and Component Determination

Each kiosk project has its own set of requirements. In this phase we compile answers to questions such as the project objective, the target audience, the application, which components should be used to achieve a successful kiosk system, etc. and with the gathered information we form "The Customer Specification Report". This report presents a set of alternative solutions, with alternative peripherals based on our experience. At the end of this phase we expect to agree on the right solution and peripherals with our customers.

Cabinet Design and Modeling

Based on the agreed specifications, our creative and industrial designers first make sketch drawings of the kiosk cabinets. Then the design is asked for our customer's approval.

With the feedback we get, we fine-tune our drawings and produce 3D designs.

Prototype & Manufacturing

Once 3D designs have been approved, we manufacture a prototype kiosk and present it to the customer for feedback. Prototyping is an invaluable tool in making sure that the end product meets the expectation of the customer. It is only once any modifications have been identified and agreed and the prototype is approved that we are ready for the final step of Mass Manufacturing.
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