Application Acceptance Kiosk
Kiosk iNNOVA's Application Acceptance Kiosk is a Self Service Terminal which is built to automate the whole application process. No matter if you are trying to sell a loan or renew a contract, Ki Application Acceptance Kiosk will enable your customers to easily workout through all the steps without any need for any help.

The best practice of the Ki Application Acceptance Kiosk is used by Akbank, the second largest private bank in Turkey, which has earned them a special award "The Most Innovative Project of 2008" given by The Bankers Magazine that is sponsored by the Financial Times Media group.

With its unique functions, Ki Application Acceptance Kiosk lets the applicants to give the necessary data either by using the robust keyboard or by voice via the terminal's phone feature. During the process the terminal can take a photo of the applicant, take a copy of the applicant's ID, with the integrated signature panel, can take a copy of the applicant's real signature . With the terminal's A4 printer, applicants can take a printout of the original contract and they can leave the signed copy to Ki Application Acceptance Kiosk's postbox. The terminal also has a card dispensing feature which gives the chance to give prepaid company cards to the applicants.

In short, by the help of Ki Application Acceptance Kiosk, applications can be registered just like in any bank office, insurance agency or public office.

The user friendly design and the rich set of components enables the users to make fast and easy applications. In minimum time frames, a user is able to obtain a loan or apply for visa, insurance or other services.
The Credit Kiosk has the following features
* 17 inch touch screen monitor,
* robust metallic keyboard,
* motorized card reader used for getting access to appliers ID information via bank connection,
* a phone which is used for getting the necessary application information via voice if preferred,
* a signature pad to record the customer's real signature electronic format,
* cam to capture the picture of the applier,
* scanner to copy the ID information of the applier,
* Ki Control Card to manage the kiosk functions and guide the user when to use the right component,
* A4 printer to print the final application agreement,
* A post box to leave the signed original copy of the application if necessary,
* Security features such as security cam, trigger mats and proximity sensors
* A virtual teller application which guides the user through all the application process,
* Ki Management application which enables the remote management of the kiosks in different places

Standard Models                click image to view details
INF 130 IND 210 IND 220 KYB 220 KYB 210 OUT 110 DBL 210 CSH 210 APL 210 MONOLITH

Custom Design Approach

The goal of the custom design approach is to create a kiosk system that is unique to its owner. We have developed our own custom design methodology to assure project success. This methodology consists of 3 main phases;

Need Analysis and Component Determination

Each kiosk project has its own set of requirements. In this phase we compile answers to questions such as the project objective, the target audience, the application, which components should be used to achieve a successful kiosk system, etc. and with the gathered information we form "The Customer Specification Report". This report presents a set of alternative solutions, with alternative peripherals based on our experience. At the end of this phase we expect to agree on the right solution and peripherals with our customers.

Cabinet Design and Modeling

Based on the agreed specifications, our creative and industrial designers first make sketch drawings of the kiosk cabinets. Then the design is asked for our customer's approval.

With the feedback we get, we fine-tune our drawings and produce 3D designs.

Prototype & Manufacturing

Once 3D designs have been approved, we manufacture a prototype kiosk and present it to the customer for feedback. Prototyping is an invaluable tool in making sure that the end product meets the expectation of the customer. It is only once any modifications have been identified and agreed and the prototype is approved that we are ready for the final step of Mass Manufacturing.
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