Advanced Hardware and Software

Rich and varied content:
images (png, jpg, gif), video (3gp, wmv), music (mp3, wma) or applications (Java, Symbian).

Flexible: management of broadcast and interaction distances, management of coupons by unique number.

Measurable: evaluation of impact and ROI thanks to highly-detailed statistics.
How does it work
The Bluetooth hotspots are installed in any public or private areas. They then send out free content to nearby mobile phones, using Bluetooth . These hotspots are centrally managed, the system ia able to upload content to the hotspots, and to view statistics of the running campaigns.

Advanced functionalities
• Extremely high capacity systems for high traffic areas
• Opt-in or downloading triggered by hotspot proximity.
• Remote management via fixed or mobile Internet connection.
• Centralised, password-protected interface for loading content and downloading statistics.
• Sending of content adapted to suit each phone, taking account of the size of its screen and its ability to read multimedia files.
• For large-scale networks, e.g. in the distribution sector, the terminal connects to the local server at the point of sale. The central server supplies periodic updates to the local servers via a secure connection. A guarantee of efficiency and speed!

Campaigns and content management
• Netwave provides the statistics and the results of the campaigns.
• Network operators can manage their hotspots remotely from the web interface Netwave.
• Netwave allow to monitor running campaigns in real time, upload the pieces of content, and schedule their narrowcasting.
• The web interface is protected by an individual login and password, over an encrypted connection.
Portlogic Systems Inc.a United States publically listed company.
Symbol: PGSY
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Industry Statistics
Company News
09/21/15 Portlogic Corporate Update
11/13/13 Portlogic Offers Mobile CRM Solutions
09/16/13 Portlogic Announces FAMILIES Website
09/04/13 Portlogic Reports Record Year-End Revenues and Financial Results
01/11/13 Portlogic Opens UK Office
12/14/12 Portlogic Systems Announces VOIP
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