Introducing the Mobile Advertising Server  
A new advertising channel with reach, precision, and management
Mobile Ad-Serving
The user can buy, or ask to receive, a discount coupon by mobile phone. This is delivered into the application or sent as an SMS. At the cash register the coupon is shown and deleted by the clerk. Next >
Advanced functionalities
• Targeted service ensures relevant offers
• Simple, attractive and interactive ads
• Ads designed to encourage users to receive
• Increase customer acquisition and retention

The m2Market ad-server is focused on driving interactivity to mobile consumers. An integrated solution, the server allows operators and advertisers to reach mobile users with targeted permission based campaigns. The back-end ad serving solution provides several innovative ways to get ads into the hands of the end-users and for operators to manage and measure success.

Designed to let advertisers quickly and easily create, test, target and schedule their ad campaign, while providing real-time reporting.

Server functionality
The interactive features of the ad-server mobile targeting platform lets advertisers create various interactive calls to action. Not only can they build their brand with mobile advertising but can also convert hits into buys. A win-win solution, end-users get free or cheap service, operators get increased revenue and user loyalty, and advertisers get targeted interactive ads delivered to a large population.

Key Features
• 100% permission, every time
• Easy & accurate targeting
• Easy ad campaign creation
• Feedback loop to advertiser
• Call-to-action" built in
• Scalable with a wide reach

Portlogic Systems Inc.a United States publically listed company.
Symbol: PGSY
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Industry Statistics
Company News
09/21/15 Portlogic Corporate Update
11/13/13 Portlogic Offers Mobile CRM Solutions
09/16/13 Portlogic Announces FAMILIES Website
09/04/13 Portlogic Reports Record Year-End Revenues and Financial Results
01/11/13 Portlogic Opens UK Office
12/14/12 Portlogic Systems Announces VOIP
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