m2Ticket Advantage
M2Ticket core technologies, are implemented in a client-server model rather than a server-based model. The client-server model ensures a very positive user experience with m-Commerce Applications that are Responsive, Intuitive and Simple to Use, Totally Secure, and Very Low Cost.

Total Protection
Industry strength security provides complete end-to-end security for sensitive mobile transactions.

Anti Hacker
Initialisation vectors, Cipher block chaining and dynamic session keys ensure security.

Data Protection
The m2Ticket encryption engine ensures that all information is held on the mobile phone securely using an unbreakable cipher. Information that can be stored securely includes personal information such as credit card details and business. Thus any such sensitive information and/or proprietary content can then be transmitted via any Mobile Network Operator with the knowledge that it cannot be accessed.
Portlogic Systems Inc.a United States publically listed company.
Symbol: PGSY
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Industry Statistics
Company News
09/21/15 Portlogic Corporate Update
11/13/13 Portlogic Offers Mobile CRM Solutions
09/16/13 Portlogic Announces FAMILIES Website
09/04/13 Portlogic Reports Record Year-End Revenues and Financial Results
01/11/13 Portlogic Opens UK Office
12/14/12 Portlogic Systems Announces VOIP
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